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Comunidad San Dimas
 Comunidad San Dimas - YOCAL (Youth Change Alternatives) Background 

About the main Presenter:
Julio Escobar is a certified ACT (Act Against Together) Raising Kids Save Violence program for parents and train the trainer instructor. A program created by the American Psychology Association. Julio Escobar is also a Active Parenting certified instructor.

The vision of starting a Parenting Support Group started after 19 year Angel Serrano's drive by shooting on Setember 24, 1998. Julio Escobar, at that time a member of CSD felt a support group for families of crime was needed.

Around the year 2000 a group called CSD Family Support was created by Julio Escobar with the mother of Angel Serrano, Esperanza Navas. The group included CSD member Leticia Ruiz, Maria Barajas, Mirta Villalta.

Around 11 female members with Julio Escobar would meet to support each other on weekly basis every Wednesday at St. Peter's Church in San Francisco.

In 2005 Julio Escobar felt the ministry needed to expand to outreach to a bigger community of parents around the bay area including teens as gang violence was in the rise.

Julio Escobar then prepared an 18 week Psycology Education and Mental Heath program course which launched the ministry in 2007 as Youth Change Alternatives (YO.C.AL.)

The name came from a meeting while camping in Big Sur, California, with Monica Galvez, Omar Molina, Carlos Fuentes, Vanessa Campbell, and Fernando Gonzalez.

Also everyone felt strongly about creating a non-profit which would support the creation of jobs, housing support, and education for youth at-risk and those coming out of jail. Fernando Gonzalez had already made a proposal in early 2000.

As local leaders, we believe we are empowered by a need to serve each other and to create better conditions for our own local community. We are empowered my God as individuals.

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