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Comunidad San Dimas
Comunidad San Dimas Minister and Leader Ven Garcia
Ven Garcia

My ministry with Comunidad San Dimas has provided more meaning and purpose to my diaconate formation. Jesus sought out the lepers, widows, tax collectors, the poor, the Gentiles, the adulteress - the people in the margins of society. He showed us how to serve by washing the feet of the apostles. Deacons are servants and deacons are to serve everyone without exception.

This ministry working with the youths at juvenile hall makes it real for me. The young people represent the marginalized in many ways - their crimes, addiction, ethnicity, poverty, contempt for authority, lack of education and maturity - all of these cry out for someone to listen and give voice to their confusion, frustration, isolation, sadness, anger and fears. CSD is there for them spiritually, physically, emotionally, intellectually, and always with love, patience and joy.

Working with CSD allowed me to meet fellow volunteers/ministers who have answered God's call and are following Christ's examples of serving the least of His people. Their dedication and unselfishness inspire me and I have learned so much from them. CSD is growing and expanding in many ways, in many directions. It is ecumenical, multi-ethnic, multi-cultural and a mixture of young and old alike. It is a community just like the parishes that we will be assigned to work with. This is therefore an excellent training ground for us.

God willing, as deacons, we could spread the CSD mission in our parishes and recruit more volunteers.

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