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Comunidad San Dimas

Ministers and Leaders Testimony Stories. Empowered by God.

Ven Garcia

My ministry with Comunidad San Dimas has provided more meaning and purpose to my diaconate formation. Jesus sought out the lepers, widows, tax collectors, the poor, the Gentiles, the adulteress - the people in the margins of society. He showed us how to serve by washing the feet of the apostles. Deacons are servants and deacons are to serve everyone without exception.  read more...

Chris Milestone
There was a deacon at my parish who was involved in visits to the Juvenile Hall in San Mateo and he was very passionate about the youth and making a difference in their lives. I received a tug from the Holy Spirit, but I didn’t pursue the calling. Then I saw an article in the SF Catholic News about CSD going to visit the youth in the Juvenile Hall. A fellow parishioner was involved, so I inquired with him about CSD. He was on fire about this ministry and directed me to an upcoming training.  The Holy Spirit gave me a push this time by reminding me that we are called to visit the imprisoned. read More

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